Roblox Hoops Life Controls & Dribble Moves PC, Xbox - naguide (2024)

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Roblox Hoops Life controls for PC and Controller.

Welcome to our Roblox Hoops Life Controls guide. (PC and Xbox Controller) All the differences between using the DPAD and the right stick. If you are searching for Hoops Life Controls? So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get all the PC and Xbox Controls for Hoops Life Roblox.

February 7, 2024:We updated Hoops Life Controls guide


Hoops Life is an amazing Roblox game. Many players are looking for Hoops Life PC and Xbox Controls so here are all the Controls and also the differences between using the DPAD and the right stick. We’ll keep you upgraded with extra detail once they are released.

Hoops Life PC Controls

These are all the controls for PC:

  • Shoot = E
  • Guard = G
  • Block = Space
  • Switch Hands= H
  • StepBack = X
  • Cross = Z in Right Hand, C in Left Hand
  • Hesi = Z in Left Hand, C in RIght Hand
  • Behind the back = ZX, CX
  • Spin = ZXC,CXZ
  • Fake Spin = ZXZ, CXC
  • Between the legs = XX
  • Shift = Sprint
  • Dunk = SpceBar
  • Steal = R
  • Normal Lob = T + 1,2,3,4
  • Backboard Lob = B + 1,2,3,4
  • Self Lob = V
  • Overhead Pass = 1,2,3,4
  • Chest Pass = Shift + 1,2,3,4
  • Drop Ball = P
  • Follow people In gym = Tab
  • Rebound = F
  • Screens = V
  • Squad = M

Hoops Life Dribble Moves PC Controls

Hesi (Ball in right hand): Press C
Hesi (Ball in left hand): Press Z
Crossover (Ball in right hand): Press Z
Crossover (Ball in left hand): Press C
Double Crossover (Ball in right hand): Press ZZ
Double Crossover (Ball in left hand): Press CC
StepBack: Press X
Between The Legs: Double Tap X (Quickly)
Behind The Back (Ball in right hand): Press CX
Behind The Back (Ball in left hand): Press ZX
SPIN (Ball in right hand): Press CXZ (Quickly)
SPIN (Ball in left hand): Press ZXC (Quickly)

Controller Xbox

These are all the controls for Xbox:

  • Shooting / Defense
  • Shoot = X
  • Guard = LT
  • Block = Y
  • Sprint = RT
  • Switch Hands = B
  • Dunk = Y
  • Steal = X
  • Normal Lob = LB + A,B,X,Y
  • Backboard Lob = LB + A,B,X,Y + Sprint
  • Self Lob = Right stick click
  • Overhead Pass = A,B,X,Y
  • Chest Pass = RT + A,B,X,Y
  • Drop Ball = A
  • Follow people In gym = Lb
  • Rebound = RB
  • Screens = B
  • Squad = RB

If you use a controller, there are two ways to dribble, with the DPAD and with the right stick:

Hoops Life Xbox & Playstation Controls

Xbox & Playstation Basic Controls:

  • Shoot: (Xbox: Hold X) (Playstation: Hold Square)
  • Dunk: (Xbox: Tap Y) (Playstation: Tap Triangle)
  • Driving Dunk: (Xbox: RT+Y) (Playstation: R2+Triangle)
  • Defend: (Xbox: Hold LT) (Playstation: Hold L2
  • Block: (Xbox: Tap Y) (Playstation : Tap Triangle)
  • Pass: (Xbox: Hold RB+A,X,Y,B) (Playstation: Hold R1+X,O,▲,■)
  • Pass Icons:
  • XBOX: (1=A),(2=B),(3=Y),(4=X)
  • Playstation: (1=X,(2=O),(3=■),(4=▲)

Dribble Moves With (DPAD)

  • Hesi (Ball in right hand): (DPAD Right)
  • Hesi (Ball in left hand): (DPAD Left)
  • Crossover (Ball in right hand): (Dpad Left)
  • Crossover (Ball in left hand): (Dpad Right)
  • Double Crossover (Ball in right hand): ( Dpad Left (x2) (Quickly)
  • Double Crossover (Ball in left hand): (Dpad Right (x2) (Quickly)
  • StepBack: (DPAD Down)
  • Between The Legs: (Dpad Down (x2) (Quickly)
  • Behind The Back (Ball in right hand): (DPAD Right+Down)
  • Behind The Back (Ball in left hand): (DPAD Left+Down)
  • SPIN (Ball in right hand): (DPAD Right+Down+Left)

Dribbling DPAD Xbox

  • Stepback = DPAD Down
  • Cross = Dpad Left in Right Hand, Dpad right in Left Hand
  • Hesi = Dpad Left in left hand, Dpad Right in right hand
  • Behind the back = Dpad Left + Dpad Down, Dpad Right + Dpad Down
  • Spin = Dpad Left + Dpad Down + Dpad Right, Dpad Right + Dpad Down + Dpad Left
  • Fake Spin = Dpad Left + Dpad Down + Dpad Left, Dpad Right + Dpad Down + Dpad Right In
  • Between Legs = Dpad Down + Dpad Down

Dribbling Right Stick Xbox

  • Stepback = Flick down
  • Cross = Flick Left In Right Hand, Flick Right In Left Hand
  • Hesi = Flick Left in left hand , Flight Right In Right Hand
  • Behind the back = Flick Left + Flick Down, Flick Right + Flick Down
  • Spin = Flick Left + Flick Down + Flick Right, Flick Right + Flick Down + Flick Left
  • Fake Spin = Flick UP
  • In Between Legs = Double Flick Down (Really Fast)

About Hoops Life Game

We are working on a revamped, bigger, and better Hoops Life! Hoops Life on Top! Welcome to Hoops life! Here at hoops life, we aim for the most enjoyable simulation possible! Here are a few notable facts you should keep in mind:

  • This game is only 40% Finished
  • Many things inside the game are placeholders (Temporary)
  • Anything in the game is subject to change
  • LabelLyric – Builder/Owner
  • SkeletorAngel – Programmer/Owner
  • XxPremiumJay – Programmer
  • Im_Creature – Animations
  • Zooted – Animations
  • JustNineteenSymbols – User Interference
  • Youtube_Zayku – Beats
  • 22KingWade22 – Administrator
Roblox Hoops Life Controls & Dribble Moves PC, Xbox - naguide (2024)


How to dunk hoops life xbox? ›

To dunk in Hoops Life, approach the basket and press space bar on PC, Y on Xbox , or Triangle on PlayStation. For the best results, we recommend tapping the dunk key/button just before the half circle below the net.

How to dunk on hoopz pc? ›

To dunk in Hoopz on Roblox PC, just approach the basket while holding the sprint key, and then press the jump button when you're close enough to the rim. Timing is everything!

How to pass in Realistic Hoop's Life Roblox? ›

To pass, you'll want to make sure you're facing the teammate you intend to pass the ball to. Then, it's as simple as pressing the pass button. Timing and positioning are key; you don't want to pass to a teammate who's covered by an opponent!

How do I dribble more? ›

5 Drills To Help You Become a Better Dribbler
  1. Front V-Dribble. The front V-dribble is used for in and out fake moves and can help you get around a defender. ...
  2. Figure Eight Dribble. Widen your stance and dribble the ball in a figure eight around both of your legs. ...
  3. Scissors. ...
  4. Dribble Behind the Back and Crossover. ...
  5. Freestyle.

How to pass hoops life? ›

To pass on PS4 or PS5 controller in Hoops Life, press R1 then either X, square, circle, or triangle, depending on which teammate you want to pass to. X, circle, triangle, or square correspond to the number above your teammates on the court, as follows: X – teammate 1. Circle – teammate 2.

How to respawn balls in Hoop's Life? ›

Look at the little basketball icon. I aim it right at that white edge and shoot it, and it goes in automatically. I hope this helps you win your next hoops game.


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