Pixel Games Unblocked - FreezeNova (2024)

Top pixel games

Basketball Slam Dunk

If you are looking for a nostalgic five minutes of fun with old school pixel graphics and a simple way to play as either single or two player,Basketball Slam Dunk is here to tick all of the boxes. You and your best friend can take two sides of your device and run around the court to see who can slam dunk first. Fun doesn't have to be complicated - and this is exactly what Basketball Slam Dunk aims to provide.

Hero Dragon Power

Do you want a truly immersive yet stunning pixel game that will act as a wonderful escape from the real world? If so, Hero Dragon Power is here to provide the thrilling adventure of a lifetime. Traverse a magical world full of wild creatures and defeat evil forces with the strength of your mighty powers. Upgrade your abilities with fire breath, ice blasts and lightning strikes while collecting power-ups, battling enemies and solving puzzles with varying difficulties. Play through 20 levels, choose different pairs of characters and upgrade them to 5 five star status. When you reach this, all damages and criticals will be at full force.


This platform game sees you directing Marco, a cute little character who has a host of challenges to complete. You’ll collect coins and other treasures, defeat enemies and progress through 50 levels of increasing difficulty. Don't miss the power-ups and extra lives as you go, but there is a shop section where you can buy four lives and additional one hundred second packages to give you a little more time to get through the obstacles in your path. This cute little game has all the pixel graphics you know and love so why not get stuck in?

American Touchdown

American Touchdown is a fun little time waster that you can play with friends or on your own - with the most iconic, nostalgic pixel graphics you'll find on the web. Forget strategic games, puzzle games and anything else that might come to mind - if you have five minutes to spare this will be your go to selection!

Soul Essence Adventure

When you want a truly nostalgic throwback adventure, Soul Essence Adventure places your character in a castle and you have no choice but to try and break out. There are obstacles to traverse, puzzles to solve and clues to collect - will you be enthralled by the dark stories, gloomy music and treasures untold? Prioritizing gameplay, you will collect your points and unravel the castle’s mysterious secrets, all while filling your inventory with the most valuable items. It won't be easy but it will definitely be worthwhile to win this amazing adventure platformer.

Skateboard Marathon

Skateboard Marathon is a low poly game that allows you to take control of a skateboarder and race toward the finish line with multiplayer and offline modes. You can do tricks, fly down the speedway and keep your balance to make it to the finish line. The fun and easy game mechanics keep it simple for players of all ages and intuitive controls will help you to zoom to the end with little fuss. The fun music and graphics will keep you entertained no matter how much time you have available to play.

Pixel Driver

What's more fun than choosing a colorful, blocky, pixellated car in your favorite shade to ride the streets in style? The gameplay has been designed to test your hand-eye coordination, your ability to traverse different situations and even how well you pay attention to the game at hand. You'll make friends with other drivers (powered by AI) and have the option to choose between 10 different cars, so when you have a little time to waste Pixel Driver is here to help.

Blocky Parkour Ninja

Only those with a need for speed, thrills and spills need apply for this fun game title, Blocky Parkour Ninja. In an ever-increasingly difficult 3D terrain, the ninja will need to run, jump and avoid obstacles to beat the game.

Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer

If you want to enter a fast-paced, battle royale style game where the goal is nothing short of being the last man standing, you can simply pick your character and fight to survive in Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer. You can play deathmatch, team DM, battle royale and explore play modes, with private and night room options. There are five different weapon types hidden around the map and two fantastic cars to transport you around and beat your opponents.

Fun, free games with FreezeNova

As FreezeNova is completely unblocked, you'll be able to play from virtually anywhere, whether using your mobile phone, laptop, or PC. Never again will you have to worry about server restrictions and you can play at school, in college, in the workplace, at your local library and anywhere else your heart desires.

If pixel games aren’t your thing, why not browse the other titles on this website instead? With strategy games, snipers, shooters, driving games, puzzles and so many more - you’ll be spoiled for choice! Why bother downloading games on the app store when you can game from any device at any time?

Pixel Games Unblocked - FreezeNova (2024)


Is unblocked games WTF safe? ›

Are WTF Unblocked Games Safe? Using Unblocked Games, WTF is secure. The website is safe for any device because it doesn't require downloading plugins or applications. It's crucial to remember that the website's games can be harmful to young children due to their violent or graphic material.

What is the best 404 page not found game to ever grace the face of Google? ›

The Dinosaur Game

The best 404-page-not-found game to ever grace the face of Google. It's all about the little dino and how far you can make him run. Legend has it, the highest score on the game is 999,999. Then, as disappointing as it is, the entire thing resets to zero, and restarts as if you never even started.

Is Unblocked games 76 safe? ›

The majority of users concur that Unblocked Games 76 is a secure website. Its architecture allows continuous gaming sessions at work or school, even with firewalls and filters.

How do you get a game unblocked? ›

A VPN is a simple and reliable tool that hides your IP address and unblocks any censored games online. An IP address is similar to a postal address in that it identifies your computer or mobile devices and represents your virtual location online.

What is the most banned games? ›

Banned Video Games
  1. Bully. 2006T. 8.6 (6.3K) Rate. Video Game. ...
  2. Command & Conquer: Generals. 2003T. 8.1 (1.4K) Rate. Video Game. ...
  3. MadWorld. 2009M. 7.3 (222) Rate. Video Game. ...
  4. Football Manager 2005. 2004. 8.3 (183) Rate. ...
  5. Carmageddon. 1997M. 8.0 (522) Rate. ...
  6. Rule of Rose. 2006M. 7.9 (305) Rate. ...
  7. Controversy! Episode:
  8. Thrill Kill. 1998. 7.4 (33) Rate.

Are unblocked games websites illegal? ›

No, visiting unblocked games websites is generally not illegal. These websites themselves typically host games that are freely available online. However, it's important to remember why the games are blocked at school or workplace. Focusing on school/work is the priority, and these sites can be distracting.

What games Cannot be blocked? ›

Online Games Allowed to Play in School
  • Coreball Game. Coreball offers an enthralling online gaming experience, drawing inspiration from timeless arcade classics and the widely celebrated console game, AA Ball. ...
  • Tic-Tac-Toe. ...
  • 1v1. ...
  • Among Us Unblocked. ...
  • FNF Unblocked. ...
  • Google Games. ...
  • Happy Wheels Unblocked. ...
  • Minecraft Unblocked.

Why are game sites blocked at school? ›

In addition to CIPA, some states have regulations that their schools have to follow when it comes to website blocking. The goal of these rules and restrictions is simple: to protect kids from harmful and distracting content on the internet.

What are the top unblocked games? ›

Running Unblocked Games
  • Super Runcraft. Super RunCraft is a wonderful 3D Run Game, run through a long minecraft land to collect rows of golden coins, number of ... ...
  • Geo Dash. Avoid all the obstacles by clicking at the right time. ...
  • Vex 5. ...
  • The Last Survivors. ...
  • Stick Running. ...
  • Space Rush.

How do I unblock Roblox? ›

How to Unblock a User
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to account settings. Browser - the gear-icon located at the upper-right corner of the site. Mobile Apps - the three dots icon for More.
  3. Select the Privacy tab.
  4. Show Blocked users at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select Unblock next to the player name.
  6. Select Save.

How to unblock poki? ›

Method 1: Use a VPN
  1. First, select and install a reliable VPN service. Multiple choices are available, free and paid, so choose according to your needs.
  2. Open the VPN and connect to a server.
  3. Visit the Poki website while the VPN is connected. Any earlier restrictions should now be removed, giving you complete access.
Jun 3, 2024

What are unblocked games in WTF? ›

There is something for everyone in Unblocked Games WTF's vast collection of games, which spans multiple genres and is a major factor in the site's popularity. Block-Free Games WTF is a website where users can play many online games without restrictions. It might be used for leisure activities as well.

Why do schools block unblocked games? ›

To maintain a safe learning environment: Some games are violent or contain inappropriate content, and allowing access to these games can create an unsafe learning environment. To prevent network congestion: Games can consume a lot of bandwidth, which can slow down the entire school network.

What is the best unblocked game site? ›

The Best Game Websites to Play Unblocked Games at School
  • Funbrain. Funbrain features a diverse collection of games, books, and videos aimed at elementary and middle school students. ...
  • Hooda Math. ...
  • PBS Kids Games. ...
  • ABCya. ...
  • Poptropica. ...
  • Arcademics. ...
  • Tic-Tac-Toe.

Is it safe to play free games? ›

Free downloads of games sometimes conceal malicious software. This includes “plug-ins” sometimes required to run certain games. By operating in “administrator mode,” you open yourself to the risk that an attacker could gain complete (administrator-level) control of your computer.


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